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Power flushing

Russtec Contractors Ltd has extensive experience in power flushing central heating systems, as well as all aspects of commercial, domestic and agricultural heating and plumbing. Our expert team of plumbers, electricians and engineers have the qualifications and expertise required to undertake safely and reliably a power flush on your central heating system.

Over time, rust and other by-products will accumulate in your central heating system. This will make the system less efficient. Power flushing is a method of clearing out the central heating system of this accumulated waste and restoring its efficiency. With power flushing, water is forced through the system under high pressure clearing it of any debris.

Signs that your central heating system might require a power flush include:

  • Cold spots on the radiators that do not resolve following a radiator bleed
  • Dirty water coming out of the radiators and boiler when bled
  • Higher than usual heating bills
  • Noisy boilers, radiators and pipes
  • Boiler failure
  • Pump failure or seizure

It is important to power flush the system whenever you install a new boiler. This helps to extend the life of your central heating system, including the radiators, boiler and pipework. It will also help to reduce your heating bills, to increase the efficiency of your central heating, and to prevent damage to the radiators, boiler and pipes.