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Oil Range Service

It is recommended by manufacturers that appliances are serviced at least annually.

By sticking to this guideline your appliance will perform better, use less fuel, and your system will be less likely to breakdown, thereby saving you call-out fees.

There is of course also the safety aspect: having your boiler serviced regularly reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

For added peace of mind we will remind you when your appliance is due for its next service so you don't have to remember!

A boiler service with RUSSTEC will include:

  • Internal cleaning and vacuuming of the combustion chamber
  • inspection of burner components
  • flue gas analysis and fine-tuning of the boiler
  • inspection of the oil tank and those parts of the oil-supply line that are visible
  • inspection of fire-valves and oil filters
  • ... and a proper clean-up afterwards!

Additionally we change the nozzle on every service.